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ILM Level 5 Diploma & Certificate in Effective
Coaching & Mentoring

Develop your coaching and mentoring skills with this world-class qualification. 

ILM Level 7 
Diploma in Coaching 

Become an authority in coaching supervision for your organisation with ILM's highest qualification level. 

What we do

We are leadership & executive education specialists with an extensive repertoire of bespoke solutions to meet your training needs. 

Our emphasis on understanding human psychology yields a transformative training experience every time. 

Vision & Mission

  • To provide accredited microcredential (MC) training programs that are stackable to support diverse learner cohorts.
  • To provide excellent and internationally recognised training programs in leadership, coaching and management as well as design specialised curriculum for organisations and communities operating in developing nations.
  • To offer programs in partnership with internationally recognised institutions to support leadership development. 

Our Faculty

  • Our faculty consists of talented professionals from a diverse background ranging from biomedical & physical sciences, business, psychology, and academia. We believe in creating stimulating training environments where cross-pollination of ideas can freely occur.
  • Apart from their extensive work-related experience, all of our faculty members have advanced post-graduate qualifications, including Masters and Ph.D. degrees, in their area of specialisation.
  • It is our preference to select professionals who are actively engaged in their industry to facilitate our programs, as this adds depth and vibrancy to the training sessions.


Leadership development

Coaching and Mentoring

Teams dynamics


Your success is our priority

Performance centred approach

Bespoke programs

Priority support

Globally accredited programs


We are accredited by the British Accreditation Council for Independent Further and Higher
Education as a Micro-credentials Course provider.

View our certificate of accreditation.

We are the 1st Online ILM Approved Centre in East Asia that delivers accredited programs in leadership, management as well as coaching and mentoring. ILM programs are globally recognised for their rigour and emphasis on practical application. 

We are Human Resource Development Corporation (HRD Corp) Malaysia approved training providers.  HRD Corp is the Malaysian national agency for human resource development, training and microcrential certification. 

The NCDA provides professional development, publications, standards, and advocacy to educators who inspire and empower individuals to achieve their career and life goals. We are a Certified Career Services Provider (CCSP) with the NCDA.

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