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What is the ILM Level 7 Diploma in Coaching Supervision?

This is a professional qualification program delivered fully online. The format of this program is ideal for busy professionals who are unable to physically leave their place of work but desire to learn and develop themselves in coaching and mentoring.

The program will provide participants with required knowledge, skills and understanding for effective coaching supervision. 

This Diploma is specially designed to be a fully online program that is in-depth, interactive, and engaging. Some of the highlights include:

  • Develop your personal philosophy of coaching and mentoring 
  • Plan and develop your personal supervision framework
  • Immerse yourself in hands-on supervision training
  • Deepen your theoretical foundations for practical coaching applications
  • Establish your expertise as a Coaching and Mentoring Supervisor for your organisation

We are an ILM Approved Centre

This program is monitored and assessed by ILM, a part of City & Guilds Group (UK). The ILM Level 7 Diploma in Coaching Supervision is a regulated qualification that is accredited by the Office of Qualifications (Ofqual) in England. The Level 7 Diploma is equivalent to the first year in a university Masters degree program.

Transform Your Organisation

"The biggest motivation for me to take up the ILM Level 5 Diploma in Effective Coaching and Mentoring is my colleagues in my organization. Many younger workers are willing to know how to conduct mentoring sessions and they are also willing to hear it in Japanese. So I hope I can provide to them what I have learned and experienced throughout the year. Of course, I'm the one who needs to keep up with continuous learning. Sharing with my colleagues would probably make me a better mentor as well. So I'm looking forward to it as I have completed the course. Thank you."

Momoko A., Japan

"Because of this course, I have the opportunity to coach. Most of my clients are my younger colleagues. I am very happy when I see growth in them, and that gives me a lot of satisfaction despite all the assignments and other things that we need to do. But the assignments, reading, and discussions really help me learn. Of course, the practical part helps too. Putting everything into practice is a learning point for me. I really appreciate this course. So, thank you so much, especially to Yong Guang and Horng Yuan, who have been very patient with us and helping us understand. Thank you."

Wan Ling, Malaysia

Who Should Take the Program?

The program is firstly ideal for individuals who are currently involved in coaching supervision or organisational coaching and mentoring.

Organisational leaders, mid-level managers, and human resources (HR) professionals will benefit significantly. 

The program is suitable and will support individuals who are aspiring to move into active coaching and mentoring roles.


Entry Requirements & Duration

We strongly recommend that interested candiatates obtain the ILM Level 5 Diploma in Effective Coaching and Mentoring prior to application. This is to ensure that candidates have the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully complete the ILM Level 7 Diploma in Coaching Supervision program. However, candidates with a Bachelors/Masters Degree in fields related to Coaching and Mentoring may apply directly to the Level 7 program.

Interested individuals are expected to be proficient in English and computer-literate. They must possess an email account.

The program can be completed in a maximum of 12 months, depending on work commitments.

A Life Changing Experience 

"This course has really helped some of my students and colleagues whom I coached and mentored as part of the course requirement. At first, they did not think it would be helpful to them - they thought their participation would only help Steve complete the course. But when they completed their coaching period, they were surprised that these sessions could really help them in things that had been very difficult for them for many years, which they could now overcome, improve, and change." 

Steve L., Macau/Singapore

"Over this one year, I learned so much, especially from the lectures. As I think back this one whole year, what I learned the most is about myself and the SWOT analysis you did with me was really a gem for me. It was an opportunity for me to know myself better. The feedback was really good - to see who I am, where my strength is, where I need to pay attention to, and more so to be comfortable with who I am."

David H., Malaysia



Highlights of Program

Benefits for individual include:

  • Understand the purpose and ethical principles of effective coaching supervision of coaches
  • Be able to critically compare different approaches for the effective coaching supervision of coaches
  • Develop an understanding of the anticipated outcomes of effective coaching supervision for different stakeholders
  • Plan, deliver and review own effective coaching supervision of coaches
  • Be able to plan own future professional development activities as a coaching supervisor of coaches

Benefits for organisations include:

  • Coaching supervision is a key process for organisations providing in-house coaching 
  • Develop coaches who are able to use the feedback from supervisory sessions to plan their own and others’ professional development 
  • Ensures coaches are properly equipped with the skills, knowledge and understanding they require 
  • Meet clients’ supervision needs through effective assessment and relationship building

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of this program?

  • This is a 1 year program (12 months).

What is the weekly time commitment for this program?

  • Estimated time commitment is approximately 1 hour a day. 

Are candidates expected to do coaching and mentoring while undertaking the program? 

  • In order to complete the program, candidates need to complete 60 hours of coaching supervision with individuals and groups

Is this program accreditted? By which institution?

  • The ILM Level 7 Diploma in Coaching Supervision is a regulated qualification that is accredited by the Office of Qualifications (Ofqual) in England. The Level 7 Diploma is equivalent to the first year in a university Masters program. 

How does the ILM syllabus align with other international frameworks for coaching and mentoring, such as the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Association of Coaching (AC) and European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC)?

  • The ILM syllabus aligns with ICF, AC and EMCC frameworks. Diploma holders can apply for membership with the Institute of Leadership and Management (UK) and the EMCC.

Other Benefits

Participants will receive 12-month tutor support including guidance, advice, coaching supervision, and feedback on assignments, and access to online materials and coaching resources related to the program. 

As the program is an ILM qualification program, registered participants are entitled to FREE studying membership with the Institute of Leadership and Management (UK). This membership comes with valuable learning resources that will help you succeed in the program.

Graduates can use their qualifications to apply for professional membership with the Institute of Leadership & Management (UK) and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

What Our Students Are Saying 

"I now understand what it means to be a coach and mentor to people when they face and climb their highest mountain, and when they go down the valley. The skills and techniques I learned in this course will be forever integrated into who I am."

Thurston M., Timor Leste

"By learning all the theories, models, and by completing the practicums, I believe I have become a good mentor and coach. My thinking has also matured and I believe I understand people at a deeper level now. My skills in understanding my staff, team and students have improved."

Saikhanaa, Mongolia

The training from the ILM Level 5 Diploma in Effective Coaching and Mentoring helps me when I coach and mentor my students. I continue to apply whatever I have learned during class by translating my learning into my native language and context. 

Chris H., Timor Leste

"I felt that I learned a lot of things. The lessons, the introduction, and the assignments have all been good for me. I found it very invigorating to be able to do something that is academically rigorous but also practical."

Yuong Eng, Malaysia

"I was able to discover my gifts and core passion through this course. I could integrate what I learned and I could see myself being more confident in dealing with different coaching and mentoring issues and questions from other people."

Jongho, South Korea

"Hearing from special speakers - on how they used coaching and mentoring, and learning how coaching and mentoring look realistically - was helpful. They shared many useful tips."

Cherlyn O., Thailand

Program Trainers & Tutors

The program trainers and tutors comprise of talented professionals from diverse backgrounds, ranging from academia, business, psychology, biomedical, and physical sciences. They are individuals with advanced post-graduate qualifications including Masters and PhD degrees in their area of specialisation, and are actively engaged in their industries. Some are Fellow and Associate Members of The Institute of Leadership and Management (UK), as well as registered test users with the British Psychological Society and the European Federation of Psychologist’s Association.

Program Details

The 1-year ILM Level 7 Diploma in Coaching Supervision program is inclusive of:


  • All program associated learning materials (except textbooks)
  • ILM-issued digital badge for life
  • All in-program psychometric assessments
  • One year student membership to The Institute of Leadership and Management
  • Group supervision sessions and one personal feedback session
  • Seminars with guidance on how to complete coursework


How to Apply

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