Complaint Procedure

The following procedure ensures that complaints are received through the proper channel and handled promptly, thoroughly, and fairly. The specific timeframe for each complaint may vary based on factors such as the complexity of the complaint and the external mediation involved. Abilita Solutions strives for efficient resolution while maintaining quality and fairness.

Step 1: Lodging a Complaint

  • Clients may submit complaints by email to the Registrar at
  • The Registrar receives complaints

Step 2: Initial Complaint Assessment (within 2 business days)

  • The Registrar assesses the complaint and determines its category:
  • Registration and Certification
  • Assessments and Examinations
  • Staff, Trainers, and Coaches
  • Learners and Students

Step 3: Assignment of Responsibility (within 2 business days)

  • If it is a minor issue, the Registrar handles the complaint directly
  • If it is a major issue or if the complaint involves the Principal Trainer, the Registrar assigns the Principal Trainer to investigate

Step 4: Investigation (within 7 business days)

  • The person responsible investigates the complaint
  • The person responsible conducts interviews and collects evidence
  • The person seeks resolution if possible during this stage

Stage 5: Report and Resolution (within 14 business days)

  • The person responsible compiles a detailed report on the complaint
  • If resolved, the Registrar sends a resolution notice to the complainant
  • If unresolved, a detailed report is sent to the Principal Trainer

Step 6: Escalation (within 5 business days)

  • The Principal Trainer reviews the unresolved complaint
  • If necessary, the Principal Trainer escalates the complaint to the appropriate department for further review, e.g. finance department

Step 7: External Mediation (timeframe varies depending on mediator’s availability)

  • If the complaint remains unresolved, an external mediator such as the ILM or other stakeholders or partners is sought as needed

Step 8: Final Resolution

  • The Registrar or Principal Trainer informs the complainant of the final resolution and any actions taken
  • The final resolution timeframe depends on the complexity and nature of the complaint

Step 9: Closing the Complaint 

  • The Registrar maintains records of complaints, resolutions, and actions taken for a specific period, e.g. 7 years
  • The Registrar updates the complaint status to “Closed” when the issue is resolved
  • The Registrar informs all the parties involved

Special Circumstances

In special cases where there is gross misconduct, the Principal Trainer reserves the right to directly issue a final warning or remove the student from the program of study with immediate effect. 

Key Policies Related to Programs

Delivery of Programs

  • The Training Provider will provide you with online lectures, training, tuition, learning opportunities, and other related services which will lead to the appropriate award, subject to you successfully fulfilling the requirements of your Program and modules. Specific details related to the delivery of your Program will be provided before or at the time of your enrolment.
  • Where circumstances change outside the Training Provider’s reasonable control, the Training Provider reserves the right to make changes to or cancel certain elements of or the entirety of the Program at any time without liability to you. Circumstances falling outside of the Training Provider’s control shall include but not limited to acts of God, over or under demand from students, staff illness, lack of funding, fire, flood, natural disaster, war, terrorism, civil disorder, political unrest, explosion, national emergencies, government restrictions, and failure of a utility service or telecommunication network (Event Beyond the Training Provider’s Control).
  • Information provided to you about the content, delivery, and assessment of your Program is indicative only. The Training Provider reserves the right to be flexible and make reasonable amendments when deemed necessary. The Training Provider is committed to undertake that you will be provided with a route to the named award for
    which you enrol over the same time period as was agreed at enrolment, unless prevented by circumstances outside its reasonable control.
  • The Training Provider has the right to alter the timetable, number of classes, method of delivery, content, assessment, and syllabus of your program, provided such alterations are reasonable.
  • In the event of any discontinuance of or fundamental changes to your Program, the Training Provider will give you reasonable notice and you will be entitled to withdraw your application or withdraw from your Program by telling the Training Provider in writing. You may make a claim for a partial refund of any fees and deposits you have paid,
    subject to discussion with the Training Provider.
  • The Training Provider will be liable to you for any direct loss or damage you suffer if the Training Provider either fails to carry out its obligations under this Agreement to a reasonable standard, or breach any relevant duties that the Training Provider owes to you that are imposed on the Training Provider by law, but not to the extent that such failure is attributable to your own fault, the fault of a third party, or an Event Beyond the Training Provider’s Control.
  • The Training Provider does not accept responsibility, and expressly excludes liability to you or any third party arising out of or in connection with this Agreement, for the following, in respect of which you are advised to arrange appropriate insurance cover: loss of profit, loss of earnings, loss of opportunity, loss of business or contract, loss of goodwill or reputation, disappointment, distress or injury to feelings, living expenses and
    any indirect, special or consequential loss or damage.
  • If the Training Provider is found liable to you for any breach of this Agreement or for any other act or omission of the Training Provider or its staff, the liability of the Training Provider shall be limited to the fees actually paid by you or on your behalf of the year of study in respect of the program to which that liability relates.

 Payment of Fees

  • The responsibility for timely payment of course fees and all other charges incurred at the Training Provider lies exclusively with you unless otherwise agreed in writing with the Training Provider.
  • You must make payment promptly on demand for fees and charges due to the Training Provider or other parties helping to deliver part of your Program. The whole sum of the fees needs to be received in the Training Provider’s account in the specified currency in order for the payment transaction to be deemed adequate and completed. All bank transfer and currency conversion charges are to be borne by you. Where someone else is responsible for payment on your behalf, you must ensure that they do so. You remain responsible if they do not pay.
  • Demand for payment will be made in accordance with the Training Provider’s practice at the time, and additional charges may be levied if payment is not made as required. If arrangements have been made whereby periodic payments fall due on agreed dates, you must make payments on such dates without any further notifications from the Training Provider.
  • If any fee or charge remains outstanding after the date, the Training Provider reserves the right to terminate its services and this Agreement. The Training Provider may take such action (including legal action) as it deems necessary to recover such fee or charge.
  • In addition, where there is non-payment of fees, the Training Provider may exclude you from the Training Provider, prevent you from assessments, withhold certificates, prevent your re-enrolment, and/or exclude you from ceremonies, but will not apply an academic penalty.
  • You agree that the full fee is payable if you decide not to complete the Program.
  • Other costs associated with completion of your Program, both mandatory and optional, are as set out in the course leaflet and are available on the Training Provider website.

Student’s Obligations and Expectations

  • Be honest and truthful in all your dealings with the Training Provider. This Agreement can be terminated if it is discovered that you have made false statements to the Training Provider or have failed to disclose significant information.
  • Take responsibility for your own learning and working with staff to become a self-reliant and independent learner.
  • Pursue your course diligently, contributing effectively to your Program, and not to hinder the learning of others.
  • Attend online teaching and learning events associated with your Program, subject to absence for medical or other agreed reasons. Unauthorised absence can lead to disciplinary action and/or exclusion.
  • Familiarise yourself and comply with Training Provider rules and regulations, including those relating to your Program and the award for which you are enrolled.
  • Make appropriate use of all available resources including staff and comply with the Training Provider usage policies.
  • Be aware of the information provided to you about the Training Provider and your Program and know where to look for reference to detailed information and guidance.
  • Check your email account regularly and frequently during the term time.
  • Complete and submit by the required deadlines any work to be assessed as part of your Program.
  • Play an effective part in the Program community and respond to requests to give your opinion about your learning and other experiences with the Training Provider.
  • Contribute to internal and external procedures for assuring the quality of learning, teaching, and assessment provided for you and other students.
  • Cooperate with members of staff and behave appropriately and responsibly and with respect, and not to harass any other student, staff, or member of the public.
  • Act in accordance with any reasonable instructions or requirements issued to you from time to time by, or on behalf of the Training Provider.
  • Be aware of the Training Provider’s procedures and regulations, including the rules relating to submission of mitigating circumstances, complying with deadlines by which representations have to be made.
  • Ensure that the personal details the Training Provider holds about you are accurate and updated as soon as they change. This will help the Training Provider to contact you quickly as and when needed.
  • Disclose any criminal convictions and cautions when applying to the Training Provider and during your studies.
  • Make sure all fees and other expenses relating to your Program are paid by the due date and agree to be bound by the Training Provider’s regulations on the payment of fees.
  • Comply with the Training Provider’s rules and regulations regarding student behaviour and attendance.

Technology Requirements

 The Program - ILM Level 5 Diploma in Effective Coaching and Mentoring - is conducted fully online. It is therefore important that you have unhindered access for the following:

  • Device - A laptop computer and a smartphone with fully functional and updated operating system, browser, and basic software capable of doing video conferences (good camera, microphones, and speakers).
  • Internet connection - A stable internet connection with a bandwidth of at least 10 Mbps, and a daily data plan of at least 5 GB. However, your data usage for the purpose of completing your program will typically not reach this daily limit.
  • Meeting environment - A quiet place with good lightning for meetings and sessions.
  • Video camera - Your video must always be turned “on” to facilitate the interactive and participative nature of meetings and sessions.
  • Software applications - Students will be expected to gain a working knowledge of software used for teaching and learning activities. Software that will be used includes, but not limited to, Zoom, Airmeet, Canvas LMS, Abilita Academy LMS, Abilita Core and Abilita App. Instructions on how to operate the apps will be given during the induction and orientation session.regarding student behaviour and attendance.


  • Any complaint about the Training Provider must be made using the Training Provider’s complaints and compliments procedure, which has been devised to help to resolve any complaint by you as promptly and fairly as possible.
  • Complaints are to be made in writing and emailed to 
  • The complaint policy covers matters in relation to registration and certification, assessments and examinations, staff, trainers and coaches, and learners and students.
  • The Training Provider shall acknowledge receipt of complaint within 5 working days, and shall aim to review and respond to the complaint within 10 working days; note that in some cases the process may take longer.
  • The process may involve a discussion with the complainant, and/or a request for further information from the complainant.
  • The Training Provider may engage an independent reviewer in cases deemed necessary.
  • Appropriate actions will be taken by the Training Provider’s management team when the complaint is valid and substantiated with evidence.

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